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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

May 9, 2024

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WWE makes roster cuts, and some notable names are released, including Jerry Lawler, Drew Gulak, and the highly touted Gable Steveson.
#AEW also drops Ethan Page.

Triple H goes off on some significant Dirt Sheets and claims it was an accident afterward.

WWE finesses USA out of $25 Million more dollars for the ability to air WWE RAW for 2 more months.

Tanga Loa comes to
#WWE and joins #theBloodline. Fans expected Jacob Fatu, but it seems WWE is worried that Fatu may overshadow Solo Sikoa. Should they be concerned about this? Is it something they can actually fix?

The rumored lineup for Uncle Howdy's Wyatt-inspired group has appeared online. Can this group be a success, or is it destined to fail?

UJPW's inaugural All Together show does not sell as well as hoped. How can the Japanese coalition fix this problem?

is turning 11 years old! What kind of historical impact has the group's existence had on Professional Wrestling?