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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Mar 30, 2023

You're listening to a mega-sized Dirt Sheet Radio! 

It's Wrestlemania weekend!! Has Triple H finally made a case for two nights of Wrestlemania? We're running down two short and sweet Wrestlemania cards that are more reminiscent of NXT Taekovers than recent Wrestlemanias.

What non-WWE shows will be worth watching during Mania weekend? What's looking to be the show of the weekend? Do any matches stand out above others as contenders for match of the weekend??

CM Punk's heat began to die down for all of five minutes before a mushroom cloud appeared above AEW once more! How close was CM Punk to returning before he let the Instagram bomb go off? Is there any chance remaining for things to be smoothed over? SHOULD the company bring him in if they still can? 

Why is Edge teasing a future outside of the WWE? Is he serious? What does Adam Copeland's career look like in another company? Is Vince actually influencing Triple H's creative right now?

We're taking a look at the evidence we've seen with our own eyes as well as recent backstage reports and comments from Nick Khan himself. 

AEW All Access finally premieres and does anyone else get the feeling AEW is setting up Adam Cole to be their next Babyface World Champion?