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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Apr 6, 2023

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On the heels of an excellent Wrestlemania weekend, the WWE has been sold to Endeavor. In the process, fans lost the thing they might've cherished the most. Triple H's WWE is now just a memory. Vince McMahon went from being ousted to being richer than ever and back in power. A legendary power move that left WWE Raw in shambles. Fans and wrestlers alike are worried about the ramifications. What does the future of the WWE look like from here out? 

Wrestlemania weekend is over. Wrestling companies from across the planet gathered in Los Angeles for an excellent weekend of Pro Wrestling. What were the best matches of the weekend?

The gang covers Wrestlemania Nights 1 and 2. Was Cody's Wrestlemania nightmare too much for the fanbase to handle or is he a bigger star than ever? AEW announces its first-ever stadium show. ALL IN LONDON IN WEMBLY STADIUM! What kind of event does AEW have to organize to sell out the 80k-seat venue? And will it take place just one week before All Out?!