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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Apr 27, 2023

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Roderick Strong is All Elite!!! BUT HOW?! WHEN?! What does the future hold for the End of Heartache and the Undisputed Era?!

The Saga of CM Punk takes an odd left turn as Punk shows up backstage at Monday Night Raw looking to make amends! Publicity Stunt? Genuine apologies? What was CM Punk's angle? Was there any at all?

Triple H reintroduced the World Heavyweight Championship with a brand new belt that calls back to the legendary Crumrine Big Gold Belt. Is the new belt design a hit or a miss?

Does the new Championship undermine the concept of the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship? Is it REALLY just a "participation trophy"?

A new lawsuit accuses Vince McMahon and the WWE of having a toxic writers room environment. Including but not limited to, multiple racist pitches for superstar storylines. Are we really surprised?

Trinity Fatu has found a new promotion to call home in Pro Wrestling! Was this the right move for the former Naomi?

Stardom's Grand Slam Queendeom event. Show of the Year?