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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Aug 17, 2023

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Just when you thought it was safe, CM Punk returns to the headlines with an onslaught of incidents for the IWC to pick apart. Is this cause for concern or much ado about nothing?

AEW All In card is finally being revealed as the build gets into full gear and the matches begin to come together. Is the card satisfying or are the 80k+ destined to be underwhelmed?

The G1 Climax tour is complete and Naito has been crowned the winner. But interest appeared to be low for the tournament this year. Was the four bracket set up a bad idea

Jimmy Uso explains his actions at Summerslam but is it enough to win back those who have jumped off of the Bloodline train?

Lacey Evans is gone from the WWE. What's next for the former WWE next big thing?

Wrestlemania XL tickets are on sale!! While fans feel ticket prices are too high, WWE continues to sell out stadiums all over the world.