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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Oct 19, 2023

You're listening to Dirt Sheet Radio!!

- Sting Announces his retirement. Greg & Nick go over their favorite matches and who they think he can face before his final match at Revolution 2024

- AEW Dynamite had a major event in Texas with implications that will affect the next several months! 

- New NWA TV deals are seemingly in the works. Will this be something that helps the NWA out?

- Nick Aldis is the new SmackDown! GM. Jon is a happy camper!

- Rhea Ripley tops the PWI 250 Women List

- The Rock is no longer the main event consideration versus Roman Reigns. Is Cody back for the title?

- Vince's upcoming documentary. Vince gets to see it, but will he be able to affect it?

- AEW & CMLL have an agreement. What does this mean for AEW & AAA?