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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Oct 26, 2023

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Pro Wrestling is thriving. The popularity of this art form seems to have reached a new zenith, and the fans are reaping all the benefits. Does today's success compare, rival or surpass the 90s boom?

Will Ospreay having the best year of his career just before he joins the free-agent pool. Where will the Assassin land?

TNA rises from the ashes of its demise. What else needs to be done to complete the rehabilitation of the promotion?

WWE budget cuts incoming? As Endeavor struggles to level their own stock prices and begin to cut costs, fans wonder if the newly minted TKO company is in trouble.

Ric Flair is All Elite! Tony Khan surprised Sting with his old rival Ric Flair! How does Flair factor in moving forward?

Kazuchika Okada comes to Dynamite and steps in the ring with the American Dragon!! Is a rematch inbound? When?!