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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Nov 2, 2023

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Ibushi, Jericho and Big Show are part of the same tag team. What?! The question has been presented before, but it never had merit until now: is AEW overly relying on ex-WWE talent? 

Kenny Omega vs. MJF. It was an excellent match with less than three days of build. Was this match wasted, or should fans just be happy they got to witness it?

The American Dragon is injured again. Is it bad luck, or is it time to hang it up?

Roman Reigns won't be a part of Survivor Series, and there's a rumor he won't be back on WWE TV after Crown Jewel until 2024. Fans are calling for him to drop the championship, but would it even make a difference to the program?

Drew McIntyre has yet to re-sign with WWE, even though his contract is coming up in a few months.

Is this a sign he's leaving the company, or is Endeavor doing things differently when it comes to contract negotiations?