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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Nov 16, 2023

You're listening to Dirt Sheet Radio!!

After months of building the Don Callis Family vs Omega and Jericho, the Young Bucks are given a PPV match against the Golden Jets instead of Callis. Why? Because of money, that's why!

Who is the man behind the devil mask and who are his cohorts?!

The AEW G1 Clim-- Continental Classic is set to take place across the next 9 weeks of TV! Which 12 men do we want to see in this round-robin tournament?

The Jey Uso experiment has been a success! What comes next for Main Event Jey Uso and can Jimmy catch up?

Drew McIntyre finally turns heel but what does that look like after War Games if he is not going to be chasing the Universal Championship?

Speaking of War Games, is Randy Orton on his way back to WWE? What kind of Orton will we see post-major back surgery and recovery?

Damage CTRL is looking like one of the strongest women's factions in quite some time. But not for long... Should they keep the group together for a little bit before separating Asuka, Kairi, and Iyo from Bayley and Dakota?