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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Sep 7, 2021

What a time to be alive for fans of professional wrestling. Wtestlers are happy. Fans are happy. Plus, we might've witnessed one of the best single shows in modern wrestling history this past weekend.

At the very least we've certainly witnessed the very best show AEW has ever produced.

Join Nick, Greg and Jon as they dissect AEW's All Out 3 on Dirt Sheet Radio!!

-Tony Khan, the man with the lifelong plan. How his transparency has helped build trust within the AEW fanbase.

-How AEW may be the spiritual successor to WCW but there is a level of irony that is created when you try comparing AEW to late 90s WCW simply due to them signing wrestlers with star power.

-Brodie Lee's lasting impact on professional wrestling.

-CM Punk's still got it!!

-Bryan Danielson walked right out of the main event at WrestleMania and right into AEW. Is his addition to the roster even larger than CM Punk's?

-Ruby Soho is finally where she needs to be. Is there anything wrong with immediately establishing a new star as a contender in the division?

-All eyes are now on AEW. Which wrestlers do we think are currently under a contract and salivating to make the jump?


-Is the Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros Cage Match the greatest cage match in history?

-Jon Moxley takes the GCW Championship from Matt Cardona(too soon?) and steps into a fight with Minoru Suzuki.

-How Triple H must feel watching AEW become the WWE he always wanted

-Rest in Peace Daffney Unger