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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Sep 14, 2021

Its time for Dirt Sheet Radio!!

2021 just keeps on being the year of wish fulfillment as Big E is the new WWE Champion! Join Nick, Greg and Jon as they get together on this week's DSR and discuss Big E's win as well as:

Greg, Nick and Jon each have their own DSR5 in response to this year's PWI500.

WWE came to MSG and put their dick on the table. What is AEW going to do to show they belong in NYC as well?

Was the handling of Zelina Vega on a show that memorialized 9/11, tone deaf?

Big E is the new WWE Champion!!!!

Samoa Joe relinquished the NXT Championship under questionable circumstances, to say the least. What's next for NXT as 2.0 is upon us?

How moving to AEW might be the very best thing that could happen to Kevin Owens.

Some AEW wrestlers feeling underutilized with new stars coming in.

MJF's wild ass promo against Brian Pillman Jr.

AEW beats WWE in the 18-49 demo!

AEW's incoming new Championship. What division should get this new title?

AEW Dark moves one step closer to becoming AEW's developmental territory by taking residence in Universal Studios legendary Lot 21.

ROH has their final PPV in front of a live crowd in 2021, is there something else going on here?