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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Jan 25, 2022

Its time for Dirt Sheet Radio!!!

-The eyes of the WRLD were truly on GCW last weekend as they ran the legendary Hammerstein Ballroom. Greg and Jon watched all the festivities. We're they impressed? Have they become GCW fans? Will they return for the next event? The WWE Royal Rumble is upon us. What surprises can we expect? Who's definitely NOT showing up?

-GUNTHER STARK IS HERE! Not the WWII German U Boat commander, rather, the tone-deaf new name chosen for WALTER. Why is well enough never left alone and how the WWE tried to backpedal due to fan backlash.

-WWE is reportedly disappointed in NXT 2.0 and how fans have taken to it. What a coincidence, fans are ALSO disappointed in NXT 2.0!! The gang discusses the cartoonish rebrand of NXT, four months in.

-A healthier Jon Moxley returns to pro wrestling and almost immediately begins a feud with Bryan Danielson. What do we want to see going forward?

-Jade Cargill's improvement needs to be addressed! But let's not leave out Anna Jay who's made strides of her own. The gang discusses the Rampage main event.

-The names of Joey Janela, Brian Cage and Marko Stunt have begun floating around as possible candidates for dismissal from AEW as time runs out on their contracts. Who else is on the chopping block?