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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

May 3, 2022

You're listening to Dirt Sheet Radio!! 

-The Bullet Club is taking over professional wrestling.. again! Will this and the AEW partnership help bring New Japan back to the forefront in the eyes of western fans? 

-In news that surprises no one, it appears Roderick Strong has been begging for his release from the WWE, to no avail. What happens when you're of no value to the WWE but too valuable to let go to AEW? 

-Speaking of releases, the latest NXT are upon us as WWE roster cuts have begun to happen on a 90 day cycle. 

-AEW contracts began to come up today. Marko Stunt, Joey Janela and Stu Grayson have all been removed from the AEW Roster Pa--- wait a minute! Stu Grayson?! WHY?! 

-The Best of the Super Juniors tournament and NJPW itself see the benefits as the borders of the world begin to open up. 

-Okada vs Punk or Okada vs Bryan? Okada wants them not both. But only one of them can main event Forbidden Door. Which should it be? 

-The first night of Triplemania XXX has come and gone. Surprisingly, and maybe disappointingly, it was NOT a trainwreck of an event and it actually saw multiple newsworthy happenings. 

-Sammy Guevara and Scorpio Sky appear to have switched roles due to fan reaction as Guervara drops the TNT Championship back to Scorpio Sky in a move that has fans shouting HOT POTATO!!! 

-Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler delivered the exact match between brothers that everyone wanted and expected. Is the Bret Hart manager situation still out of reach? 

-Goodbye to the Iiconics aka the Iinspiration :(