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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

May 17, 2022

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-Sasha Banks and Naomi walk out of the WWE during last night's taping of Monday Night RAW After a huge creative dispute. We've got all the latest including Sasha and Naomi's side of the story. Is this it for these girls at the company or will they be welcomed back? 

-Kota Ibushi airs out his issues with New Japan Pro Wrestling online in an unhinged rant full of screenshots, yakuza accusations and declarations of retirement. What's next for the Golden Star? 

-Hikaru Shida felt slighted this passed weekend when some miscommunication occurred between her and AEW that lead to her being replaced in the Owen Hart Tournament. How can AEW make this up to Holy Shida and SHOULD they?! 

-Real life mixes into art as reports of MJF being legitimately unhappy with his AEW contract begin to surface. Is MJF actually WWE bound in 2024? Are any of Cody's other friends on their way as well? 

-Roman Reigns will be taking some time off this summer, leading some to believe that Cody Rhodes may actually be in the greatest position he's ever been in his career having signed with WWE when he did. 

-Warner Bros Discovery puts their full support behind AEW as they head into the annual TV Upfronts where advertisers shop to see where they will air their commercials. What this means for the future of AEW in the newly formed WBDiscovery. 

-Ric Flair returns to the ring one last time... we think.. Teaming with FTR to face off against the Rock n Roll Express and RICKY THE DRAGON STEAMBOAT WHAT THE HELL?! Have we stepped into bizarroland? Why is this happening? 

-Trouble in paradise as reports of complications between AEW and Yukes emerge and one MAJOR player in the wrestling game scene leaves AEW's game to return to WWE 2K.