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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

May 24, 2022

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-WWE has raised the pettiness levels to 10 after Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of a WWE Raw mid-taping last week. We're discussing the latest information that has come out, including the possibility that WWE lied about certain aspects of the situation.

-Roman Reigns' summer road map has reportedly been leaked, with all three of his next top contenders purportedly being revealed in backstage reports/rumors. Where does Cody Rhodes stand in all this? 

-Stephanie McMahon takes an extended sabbatical from the WWE and Nick Khan steps up in her place... This is probably temporary, right? Right?!

-Jokers were wild in AEW as Maki Itoh and Johnny Elite (fka Nitro, Morrison, Mundo, Impact ect) appeared in the Owen Hart Cup quarterfinals! As fun as surprises can be, were there not wrestlers already signed to the roster who could've taken part instead? 

-the card for Double or Nothing appears to be set as Jon gets ready to fly to Vegas for coverage. We'll preview the event. 

-Takeshita has won the hearts of AEW fans with an excellent performance against the AEW World Champion Hangman Page. What's the future look like for this young blue chipper after his American excursion is done?

-Looking over the Owen Hart Cup Tournament as we approach the finals in a few days. Has it delivered?