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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Jun 10, 2024

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A Prohibited Portal opens during Forbidden Door season! WWE and TNA have formed a working relationship!

What are the chances Jordynne Grace WINS the NXT Women's Championship?

Can we fit a Bryan Danielson World Championship in before the American Dragon goes home?

WWE contracts are running to the wire lately like they never have before. Is this an effect of the TKO takeover? What else could be the answer? We have an interesting theory.

Is it time for Ricochet to go on a global excursion and leave WWE once his contract ends?

The 30th anniversary of Mitsuharu Misawa vs Toshiaki Kawada just passed. Is this truly the greatest match of all time?

Andrade has been back in WWE since before WrestleMania. He is currently doing 56-second matches on WWE SPEED. What went wrong?