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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Jan 25, 2022

Its time for Dirt Sheet Radio!!!

-The eyes of the WRLD were truly on GCW last weekend as they ran the legendary Hammerstein Ballroom. Greg and Jon watched all the festivities. We're they impressed? Have they become GCW fans? Will they return for the next event? The WWE Royal Rumble is upon us. What surprises can we...

Jan 18, 2022

It's time for Dirt Sheet Radio!!

-After an argument with Vince McMahon derailed his WWE career Mustafa Ali has had enough and wants out! Will the WWE grant his freedom?!

-Cody Rhodes enters free agency WITH THE AEW TNT CHAMPIONSHIP! Is this an elaborate work or a massive (possibly stupid) show of trust?

-MLW is...

Jan 11, 2022

Its time for Dirt Sheet Radio!

2022 is off to a massive start as the world of pro wrestling heats up from every direction possible. 

This week the guys discuss in depth:

WWE invites Knockouts Champ Mickie James to the Royal Rumble, with John Laurinaitis stating "No more borders". As rumors swirl, who's next to walk...

Jan 4, 2022

The crew returns from holiday hiatus and its time for Dirt Sheet Radio!

The year has just begun and already the pro wrestling world is on fire!! From Twitter beefs to Bloody Lady Brawls, DSR is back to cover it all!

This week the guys cover in depth:

-Big E's WWE Championship reign has come to an end. How the WWE failed...