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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

May 11, 2021

Jon and Greg are here for the 26th edition of Dirt Sheet Radio!!!! It's been a couple weeks since the guys have gotten together and they've got plenty to talk about on this episode. This week the guys will discuss, amongst other things:

-Jon buying a sick Vader action figure and how hes scared he's gonna buy so many more wrestlers.

-The anniversary of WWE's highest rated episode of Monday Night Raw. And how horrible the card actually was that night.

-Daniel Bryan being gone from the WWE and where he might go next, if anywhere at all.

-Ospreay vs Shingo/New Japan's Covid disaster

-AEW being on tour again and headed right in Jon's direction.

-War Blood and Guts.

-Omega vs Cassidy or Omega vs PAC

-This week's STACKED episode of Dynamite.

-Jade Cargill's Free Agent Gimmick and how the guys feel about.

-Dark Side of the Ring: Brian Pillman. The show ripped out Jon's heart.

-Booker T's A&E documentary. THAT RACIST ANGLE they totally ignored.


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