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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

May 11, 2023

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AEW might be on the verge of its most significant move yet if rumors are to be believed. Has AEW signed a Billion Dollar deal with WBD? What could it mean if they did? 

Miro, Thunder Rosa, Andrade, CM Punk... AEW Collision is on the horizon and more details about the nature of the show are starting to reveal themselves.

The other shoe has finally dropped. Don Callis has turned on Kenny Omega. Is AEW about to turn Konosuke Takeshita with Don Callis or does the Invisible Hand have something else up his sleeve?

Bad Bunny once again delivers in a WWE ring with the performance of a lifetime. Is WWE about to give him a Logan Paul-type title shot?

Damian Priest was trusted with helping an international megastar deliver a once-in-a-lifetime performance. Priest gave more than anyone could ask for. Now the company is rewarding him with a spot higher up on the card. Will this be a sustained push or is the company just riding high on the success of Backlash?

The tournament for the World Heavyweight Championship has begun and the RAW finalist has already been crowned. What are the finals going to look like and who do we think will be the first(?) champion?

A portion of the audience has turned on Bianca Belair and we can't figure out why? Is it the booking? Or are these fans just fickle?