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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Feb 9, 2021

Dirt Sheet Radio is back with what was supposed to be the first ever three man episode!!!!

However, after a devastating audio mishap, the entire episode is unsuable. The three hosts will record a special bonus episode together later this week instead.

Jon refused leave our audience without any Tuesday morning content so here's a bite sized episode of DSR starring Jon Escudero on his own.

This week Jon will discuss in depth:

-Steve Cutler and Lars Sullivan's boneheaded decisions which cost them both their livelihoods.

-New Japan and AEW's working relationship. Its happening. What do we want to see out of it, should the quarantine ever allow full on crossover.

-The Hypocrisy of fans who complain about this partnership not appealing to the casual audience. While laughing when AEW books Shaq or when WWE books Bad Bunny and Cardi B.

-WWE recent signings and re-signings.