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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Feb 16, 2021

Half of the country is currently frozen over and even DSR has been affected as power outages in Texas have prevented Jon from joining us this week.

But Dirt Sheet Radio's reach is GLOBAL so we remain on the airwaves this week with Greg in New York and Nick in Chicago!!!!

This week the guys will discuss in depth:

-Keiji Mutoh and Jun Akiyama winning the top NOAH and DDT championships this weekend.

-Lacey Evans shoot pregnancy. How her trajectory seemed to be heading to a Women's Championship match with Charlotte at Mania. And we may have been spared that match.


-IMPACT Wrestling has an opportunity to place themselves back at the forefront of the wrestling fandom's collective psyche.

-How do the guys feel about AEW's open door approach to pro wrestling?

-How proud are they of IMPACT management going to Japan and formally apologizing to the locker room and brass?

-Can this global wrestling hand holding session exist without politics killing it?

-NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day. The guys go over this absolutely great edition of NXT Takeover.

This episode and all previous ones can be found everywhere podcasts are found!!