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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Dec 14, 2023

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CM Punk's work on WWE TV begins to heat up after a spicy promo with Seth Rollins, and WWE begins having him interact with the rest of the roster. But Punk's backstage career may be taking off as well as he begins to make a home for himself at the WWE PC. Is this simply the latest honeymoon phase for CM Punk, or has he finally found a place to live out the rest of his career in peace?

WWE has been shopping the rights to Monday Night RAW for weeks now. So it's no surprise that they established the hot CM Punk to the red brand. But did that move open up a previously unavailable "Forbidden Door"? We have the latest rumors about WBD's interest in Monday Night RAW. Is it all smoke, or is there a fire burning somewhere? 

A recent report on the income and education levels of the pro wrestling fanbase sends the fandom into a frenzy. Dolph Ziggler is on AEW's radar, but STARDOM's Giulia is NOT?! This can't be true, can it?

ROH PPVs are great, and the card for Final Battle appears to follow that trend. But the weekly TV doesn't seem to attract any real buzz beyond the constant screaming from fans to change.... something... about ROH. But what can be done when the numbers show that the company is technically more successful than it has ever been in its history?

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