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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Mar 30, 2021

Nick, Greg and Jon all return for a crazy fun 22nd episode of Dirt Sheet Radio!!!

Join the guys as they discuss the past week in the world of professional wrestling with the kind of candor you've come to expect.

This week they'll discuss in depth:

-An atrocious episode of Monday Night Raw

-Jon's got a conspiracy about exactly why WWE broke up the Hurt Business.

-How WWE booked themselves into a corner with Edge vs Roman Reigns leaving them no choice but to insert Daniel Bryan.

-Greg forced Jon to watch ROH's 19th Anniversary again after Jon's long ROH hiatus. Now Jon has to relive the trauma(or did he actually enjoy himself?)

-AEW licensing music for pro wrestlers and which wrestlers we think would benefit from a licensed song.

And so much more!!!