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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Apr 13, 2021

Nick and Jon are here for the 24th edition of Dirt Sheet Radio's aka our first ever WrestleMania episode!!!!!!!!!!

This week the dynamics duo will discuss... what else? WrestleMania!!! And a good one, at that!!! This week they'll discuss in depth:

-How Damian Priest has probably been fucked by the way he was presented during and after WrestleMania

-AJ Styles and Omos' potential as a babyface tag team

-Vince McMahon vs God. The Ultimate Feud Payoff

-Drew McIntyre vs Fate and Bad Booking

-How we WOULD shame you for liking Hulk Hogan, but we still watch Chris Benoit matches so we have no legs to stand on

-Fans being worked by professional wrestling characters/angles/match finishes again and how beautiful that is

-2021 RAW After WrestleMania

-the Return of Charlotte

And so much more!!