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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Jun 8, 2021

Nick and Jon are here for the 30th edition of Dirt Sheet Radio!

This week the guys will discuss in depth:

Robbery at the Thunderdome.

Raw's all time stinker of an ending.

The rumored main events for WWE Summerslam

Aleister Black's Stockholm Syndrome

WWE's Budget Cut Firings

How cool the Nexus was for three whole months in 2010.

Andrade asking TK for that Hulk Hogan WCW Contract

How Vickie and JR fucked up Andrade's entire debut.

AEW's live viewership taking a beating on Friday nights.

The AEW Darks vs WWE's secondary shows.

AEW's Shanna being released after ending up on the losing end of a shoot situation SHE STARTED

Shingo Takagi becoming ATLAS by placing the world of NJPW on his back.

Matt Cardona in the hottest angle of his career.

NWA making bad booking decisions and possibly bad roster decisions

And so much more!!!!