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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Jun 22, 2021

Jon, Nick and Greg are all going to HELL... They're also gonna discuss WWE's Hell in a Cell weekend! Join the guys this week as they discuss in depth:

All the Hells in many Cells

USA/Comcast vs Fox

50/50 Booking. Is it always a detriment or can it be helpful if utilized properly?

When does heel heat become go away heat? Is go away heat even a real thing?

Edge vs Rollins at Summerslam

AEW doesnt need a Hero right now. 

Sherriff Samoa Joe

Baba Arn's debut

The AEW MMA experience

AEW Here Comes the No Mercy

Ortiz and Santana's potential career making moment when AEW comes to NYC

Are the Young Bucks one of the greatest Tag Teams ever?