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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Jul 13, 2021

Jon, Nick and Greg host a MASSIVE episode of Dirt Sheet Radio discussing all the week's news as well as the three major US Wrestling shows this past week from NXT, AEW and Ring of Honor.

In addition to this, Jon and the boys will cover in depth:

-Drunken Master Road Warrior Jimmy Uso

-Is the Roman Reigns story actually a draw? We look at Smackdown's slow MSG ticket sales.

-Shotzi and Nox(Notzi?)

-Press F to pay respects to the Nexus' WWE Network documentary

-WWE's Thunderdome is Thunderdead. Favorite/worst moments.

-NXT's Great American Bash

-Tony Khan finally comes clean about his feelings towards the failed explosion at Revolution and his reaction afterwards.

-AEW returns to touring with the banger Road Rager.

-Ring of Honor regaining some goodwill with a great PPV.