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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Jul 27, 2021

Nick and Jon are joined by Mack Burns on a very special episode of Dirt Sheet Radio!!!!

This week they discuss the biggest news to break in pro wrestling in years. CM Punk and Bryan Danielson are coming to AEW... probably.

The guys will be recapping all the available information regarding the signings.

As well as talking their personal experience as fans of Punk and Bryan.

Who is the bigger signing? Who are they more excited to see?

AEW's tight lid on spoilers is blown open.
Is this an actual leak? Or masterful internet manipulation? Would a complete surprise have been preferable or even possible?

What kind of long term stories do they envision AEW telling with these men?

What wrestlers do they want to see go up against Bryan or Punk?

Are Punk and Bryan going to be at the top of the card? Should they be? Should they be programmed together or separately?

How would the guys book these debuts?

After that, they'll discuss in depth:

-How WWE is failing Nikki ASH

-WWE's failed attempt to reach urban culture at Rolling Loud

-Matt Cardona, Deathmatch Legend. The king of this shit.

-Uncle Dave rains on the Woo Woo Woo parade.

-AEW's growing viewership.

-Moxley's third ever loss in AEW to Lance Archer.

-New Japan Pro Wrestling's unavoidable creative rut and how NJPW storylines in other promotions are actually more interesting than the main product.