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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Aug 3, 2021

The winds of change are blowing... for real this time! Join Nick, Greg and Jon as they discuss yet another INSANE week in professional wrestling.

A week so exciting, that Hiroshi Tanahashi possibly coming to face Jon Moxley in AEW is only sixth on the list of things that are worth discussing.

The guys will talk about that as well as discuss in depth:

Follow the buzzards.. Bray Wyatt is no more. What's next? Should AEW go after him?

Adam Cole has not re-signed his WWE contract. Has Adam Cole reached a ceiling in WWE?
Would joining AEW raise that ceiling?

Ric Flair packs up Space Mountain. Should he reopen it somewhere else??

How the WWE's unceremonious releases lately may come back to bite when contract season comes up.

How many is too many?
Is AEW actually full up, or does shuffling the roster every week actually make space for even more incoming wrestlers?

AEW sells out the United Center on hopes and dreams alone. The CM Punk effect.

Darby vs Punk/MJF vs Punk

Hangman's Road To Redemption takes a detour. Does pushing back his triumphant moment affect Hangman's momentum? Or is AEW right to keep him from being overshadowed at this moment?

Domino's Pizzacutter Gate. Did WWE actually stooge AEW off to their sponsors? The better question, are you even surprised that they would do that?

How the wrestling world reacted to a Deathmatch on national television.

PWG's massively missed opportunity this weekend

Is pro wrestling headed back to a no fans pandemic era situation?