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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Aug 10, 2021

Nick and Jon are gathered here today in memory of NXT. An awesome alternative to the WWE's main roster style TV show. Seemingly created by the WWE to satisfy the needs of Pro Wrestling's hardcore audience.

It seemed too good to be true... and honestly, it was. Opposing visions for what NXT should be would eventually tear NXT apart at the seams.

This week we look back on NXT. Our fondest memories. When exactly did it all fall apart? Who should we blame for this failure? Is Triple H a victim here? Or does he have a part in the demise? What is next for NXT? Why did the fanbase all of a sudden blame Ciampa and Gargano?!

We'll also discuss in depth:

Who will WWE release next? Is anybody safe?

"No more midgets.." Nick Khan, Johnny Ace and Bruce Prichard reintroduce the era of 'Larger than life WWE Superstars'. Is this the right move? Jon thinks it is.

WWE's last ditch effort to keep Adam Cole. Did they just shoot themselves by releasing another one of his friends? Or did Cole put pen to paper before the releases were announced?

Pete Dunne's contract with the WWE is up. What should he do next?

Max Caster REALLY introduces AEW's fanbase to freestyle rap this week.

Malakai Black's destruction of Cody Rhodes.

AEW has four shows in development, presumably not live wrestling shows. What kind of AEW reality shows/documentaries would we want to see?

Christian Cage vs Kenny Omega

Britt Baker's mystery friends.

Ruby Soho fka Ruby Riott in AEW

Andrade wants Charlotte in AEW. So does half the DSR podcast team. Why this would be a great move for Charlotte.

John Cena's show stealing performance in The Suicide Squad