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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Aug 17, 2021

The formerly Forbidden Door has now become a wide open Professional Wrestling Multiverse.

This past weekend was a prime example of that as fans of AEW, IMPACT, AAA and NJPW were treated to the first real glimpse of what pro wrestling could look like in this new world without borders.

Join Greg, Nick and Jon as they come together to discuss one wild ass weekend of pro wrestling. Not to mention, what the upcoming week has in store for us, as well.

In addition to this, the guys will discuss in depth:

CM PUNK IS ALMOST HERE!!!! What are we actually expecting from this debut? How would we book it? Why is the WWE helping this story along?

WWE's internal power struggle. HHH loses the most important Tug of War game in wrestling history. What's next for the Game?

Contracted TV wrestlers responding to criticism from journalists.

Brittsburgh. Is it OK for the villain to be the hometown hero? Jon thinks it is.

Christian Cage breaks Kenny Omega's undefeated streak. Is this the right move? Sure felt like it!

Rusev vs Fuego. Making the most out of the least amount of time.

Ric Flair flies to Mexico in a private jet on a whim. In other news, water is wet. Brings Charlotte along.

AAA's surprisingly good Triplemania event. The Marvel Luchadores almost stole the show.

AEW plays a political card before Triplemania.

Will Ospreay is in the US and he's ready to wrestle. Where will he show up next? Where do we want to see him?

Lance Archer steps up to God while Good Brothers get stepped to by GoD.

Just like Ospreay, Jay White is skipping the G1 to wrestle in America. What do we want to see from the leader of the Bullet Club?

Update on the Max Caster situation.

The story of Real Hero and how Jahmale Hepburn helped usher in the modern era of pro wrestling.

And so much more!!