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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Oct 5, 2021

Its time for Dirt Sheet Radio!

After a few weeks of absolute madness in professional wrestling, we've finally been able to catch our breath.

We've got the WWE Draft to discuss, which Nick eerily predicted almost entirely on last week's show, as well as the final three matches of the STARDOM Grand Prix.

The guys will also discuss in depth:

-Braun Strowman has some choices to make when it comes to his wrestling future. Where should he go?

-Remember everyone, NRA backwards is ARN.

-Has Hangman cooled off or has his absence ensured he returns hotter than ever?

-The incoming TBS Championship

-Why the idea that AEW gives away too much on free TV is absurd! As we discuss the 2 year anniversary of AEW Dynamite.

-Miro's TNT title Reign is over. What's next for the Redeemer?

-Nick Jackson's greatest fear comes true as he came face to face with the American Dragon