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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Oct 12, 2021

Its time for Dirt Sheet Radio!!!

As the world of professional wrestling heats up, the fans have become more and more passionate. Lines have been drawn in the sand. Sides have been chosen. Fans are looking for any way to measure their favorite promotions up against one another.

This week the guys discuss the current state of pro wrestling fandom and how this newfound passion is indicative of a healthy pro wrestling scene.

They will also discuss in depth:

-Big E making big moves over the weekend, appearing at a college football game and doing intros for Fury vs Wilder

-The WWE King of the Ring and Queen's Crown Tournaments are underway. How the women have been screwed so far, and how they can still bounce back.

-Jon celebrates the return of Hangman Page.

-CM Punk's slow burn and how it's the very best move for him at the moment.

-Fans and analysts alike are obsessed with the conversation around ratings every week. Is it healthy discussion is it harmful?

-Has GCW cemented itself as the number 3 promotion in the country?

-Tessa Blanchard, AJ Lee, CBS and the Women of Wrestling. A recipe... for success?

-ROH opens the Forbidden Door

-We pay tribute to the late great Reggie Parks