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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Nov 9, 2021

Its time for Dirt Sheet Radio!

The WWE release engine started back up as 17 Superstars were let go this week due to "budget cuts".

Stories immediately began to circulate about anti vax wrestlers, blindsided phone calls and backstage attitudes.

Join the guys as they break down all the news and rumors surrounding the WWE's latest round of roster cuts.

They'll also discuss in depth:

-Why are people so addicted to "heat" in pro wrestling? Is a happy ending no longer enough?

-Why Hangman Page ABSOLUTELY MUST win the AEW World Championship at Full Gear.

-AEW breaking the glass on Miro in the World Title picture as Jon Moxley removes himself from competition for his health.

-Rocky Romero is on AEW TV this week fighting Bryan Danielson and recruiting Orange Cassidy into CHAOS . All while CHAOS members ISHII and Okada are in America for NJPW. BRYAN VS OKADA INCOMING!?!?!

-We preview the absolutely STACKED card for AEW Full Gear

-Kevin Owens move to RAW seems to have earned him a renewed push. Is this a result of his contract situation? Why Owens should be weary of the WWE right now.

-Samurai Del Sol might not be welcome back at AEW but did it all start over a tweet?

-How AEW mightve overexplained the "BUDGE" joke on TV

-Kyle O’Reilly's WWE contract is coming up sooner than everyone expected! What would O’Reilly do next?

-STARDOM's Super Wars show delivers the HEAT. Greg and Jon recap recap highlights.