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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Dec 7, 2021

Its time for Dirt Sheet Radio!!

The Era of NXT Takeover has come and gone. NXT 2.0 has officially begun its run of special events with NXT War Games. The DSR gang covers this fun outing from the rainbow brand in the only way they know how. With absolutely brutal candor and honesty. They'll also discuss in depth:

-Jeff Hardy's rough weekend in Texas

-The curious case of Johnny Gargano

-Kyle O’Reilly's WWE contract is up. Should he continue his run as a singles wrestler or reform reDRagon in AEW?

-Kairi Sane teases a return to pro wrestling OUTSIDE of the WWE.

-Should Sami Zayn re-sign with the WWE or move on as his talent contract comes up.

-The fatal flaw in WWE's new NIL talent scouting initiative

-Matt Cardona should win the NWA World's Heavyweight Championship... Hear us out!

-WWE shuts down Home Video production in the US. Our favorite memories of WWE physical media.

-Are Bryan Danielson and CM Punk wrestling too much or has WWE conditioned fans to believe a wrestler is only important if he's missing for six months at a time?

-AEW contracts begin to come up. Who won't be renewed and who will be sticking around for another three years?