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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Feb 8, 2022

It's time for Dirt Sheet Radio!!!!

-Shane McMahon is out of the WWE after an alleged attempt to hijack the Royal Rumble and book the WWE Championship scene around himself, leading to WrestleMania. The strange sequence of events that led to a McMahon family member being removed from their own family company.

-Sunrise. Sunset. The strange and sudden saga of Bryan Kendrick's ill-fated jump from WWE to AEW.

-Tony Khan has the wrestling community buzzing as he teases the latest wrestler to walk through the "Forbidden Door." Who is it going to be?!

-CM Punk gives MJF the rub of a lifetime. Much to Jon's disbelief, Punk and MJF actually went the distance with a classic match that went almost 40 minutes. What is next for this rivalry?

-Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns is set for the WrestleMania main event. But will it be WWE Champion vs Universal Champion? We'll discuss current plans for the WWE Championship.

-Big E's run as a top level singles wrestler appears to be over as soon as it began. Will the WWE ever give him his proper shot?

-WWE 2K22 has finally began revealing details. Is the DSR crew convinced this is a Day 1 purchase?