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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Mar 8, 2022

ts time for Dirt Sheet Radio!!

-Kevin Steen is officially set to face off with Stone Cold Steve Austin in a KO Show segment at WrestleMania instead of a match!! A disappointment, but let's face it, the glass shattering will still give us all chills.

-AEW keeps the streak of all time great PPVs going as Revolution has come and gone!! Where does it stack up against All Out and Full Gear 2021?

-Is CM Punk vs MJF the greatest story told in AEW so far?

-What could possibly make a stable of wrestlers led by Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley even better? LORD WILLIAM REGAL!!

-Hangman Page had to dig into a dark place to defeat Adam Cole and retain his World Championship. Is this the beginning of a turn for Adam Page as we head into a possible match against CM Punk?

-Eddie Kingston gives Chris Jericho the best match he's had in a very long time. Give. Us. More.

-Roman Reigns destroyed Brock Lesnar in a big bloody angle at MSG. While the IWC worked itself into a frenzy over speculation from journalists, ruining the impact for the angle for themselves.

-Ricochet and Finn Balor are back in the good graces of WWE management! Can this run of significance be sustained, or is this a case of both men being used to catapult another angle and/or wrestler?

-Tony Khan now owns Ring of Honor!!!!! Die hard fans Greg and Jon talk about how important it is to them to see the legacy of ROH continue. What does Khan plan to do with the company going forward as he confirms he will be the head booker and shows will continue?
-Talks between WWE and Cody Rhodes have died!! Did Cody tip his hand and ruin his only shot at his WWE dreams?