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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Mar 22, 2022

You're listening to Dirt Sheet Radio!!!!

-The need to fill two cards is harming what could have been a BANGER of a WrestleMania.

-Kevin Owens might not have gotten the match with Stone Cold. But we still get to watch him live out a childhood dream.

-Cody Rhodes has signed with the WWE! While we're all expecting the absolute worst, what would WE do with a returning Cody Rhodes on Monday Night Raw?

-Take some valid criticism and mix it with a boomer attitude.The Undertaker feels today's generation is lacking the same grit as him and his 1990's counterparts. How much of what he said is valid? 

-the Future of Ring Of Honor begins to clear up as Tony Khan takes over booking for Supercard of Honor and announces plans for a weekly TV show! How WarnerMedia's willingness to allow this is indicative if a strong future for ROH.

-Will Ospreay and Zack Saber Jr have just taken the New Japan Cup to the next level with an absolute classic encounter!!!

-Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker's feud has finally come full circle. Did the cage match live up to expectations?

-The Jericho Appreciation Society is here and they dont suck so far!!! How the group was able to turn Jon's opinion on them with their first promo together

- William Regal's Slap of Honor!!!! Is Wheeler Yuta about to kick off a storyline where he tries to earn the respect of Regal and his boys? Or was AEW simply acknowledging fans hopes while moving in another direction?