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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Apr 12, 2022

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-Cody Rhodes jump to the WWE has seemingly made him a bigger star than he's ever been. Will the momentum keep up? 

-The WWE name randomizer has struck again as GUNTHER, Ludwig and Raquel Rodriguez make their debut on the Main Roster. 

-It appears the WWE's two tag team Championships are going to be unified. Is the Brand Split over? Or can the WWE maintain two rosters while having shared top champions? Is this the right move? 

-WarnerMedia and Discovery's merger is complete. Warner Bros Discovery is born and its new President/CEO pledges to find 3 Billion dollars in "cost saving synergy". Will AEW find itself in the crossfire or is Tony Khan's adjusted booking strategy enough to survive the shift? 

-From the bottom of the card to the talk of the town, in three short weeks. Wheeler Yuta is corronated in blood on AEW Rampage.

-NJPW finally begins to work on bringing over American talent again. While also strengthening their relationship with AEW by airing Dynamite and Rampage in Japanese on NJPWWORLD. How soon before we see an AEW/NJPW Supercard?! And what would we want to see on it? 

-An independent study has confirmed that the pro wrestling community is not ready for Tony Khan and his shitposts. 

-Has FTR entered "Greatest of All Time" territory when it comes to Tag Teams? 

-the latest on Nash Carter's abrupt WWE Release