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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Apr 19, 2022

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-Lets face it. Hangman Page's World Title reign has been overshadowed by hotter storylines. How can this be rectified?

-Why CM Punk's "Old Man Punk" run is the greatest of his career. 

-Tony Khan has another "HUGE" announcement and the rumor mill is buzzing with possibilities. An AEW x NJPW crossover show might be closer than we think.

-The TNT Championship is back in the hands of Sammy Guevara? Was this a mistake or is a heel run as champion just what the Dr. ordered for Sammy and Tay?

-You know what they say about first impressions... It'll be a long time before anyone forgets Satnum Singh's bad debut. Can Singh recover?

-Jonathan Gresham debuts for AEW. But Dalton Castle is the one who's won over the AEW fanbase. Examining AEW's ROH so far.

-They've gone full throttle with the THEORY push. Does this have staying power or are we seeing yet another of Vince's pet projects that will be abandoned at a whim?

-What's next for the Tribal Chief as WWE has three massive stadium shows in a row on the horizon?