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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Jun 7, 2022

You're listening to Dirt Sheet Radio!!! 

Cody Rhodes puts on the performance of a lifetime as he main events Hell in a Cell with a legit torn pec. Has the American Nightmare finally cemented himself as the babyface he's always wanted to be? 

WWE loses their top babyface in Cody Rhodes and that forces them to take a hard left on the Judgement Day storyline. Edge is replaced by Finn Balor as leader of the faction. Was this the right move? 

World Champion CM Punk is officially on the disabled list as a BAD injury bug sets its sights on AEW. What would be the best direction AEW could take from here? 

MJF's situation with AEW takes the most entertaining path possible as Maxwell delivers the promo of the decade on Dynamite. As fans debate what's real and what's not in this storyline, we'll try to imagine what kind of massive payoff AEW could be planning with this story. 

Greg, Nick and Jon will draft their own fantasy AEW teams as Greg introduces us all to a brand new weekly game on DSR!!!