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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Jun 14, 2022

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Jeff Hardy is arrested for a DUI days before a major AEW Tag Team Championship match. As fans worldwide hope for Hardy to get the help he needs. What does AEW do with Hardy going forward, if anything at all? 

AEW and New Japan continue down the bumpy road to Forbidden Door. The card begins to come together, AEW introduced a new championship to be crowned at the event and several wrestlers are barred from crossing the interpromotional borders. 

The Bullet Club is back on top of the world after New Japan's Dominion 6.12 saw multiple members leave victorious or slathered in gold. 

Cody Rhodes injury timeline has been placed at 9 months until a return. Could we possibly see him sooner?

The Judgement Day faction is said to be moving in a supernatural direction and Edge's refusal to take part mightve been the reason for his removal. How does Edge move forward from here? 

Roman Reigns is off of the Money in the Bank PPV card and he's taking the company's only top championship with him. Was it a mistake to unify the titles after all?