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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Nov 1, 2022

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Turns out the Great Muta was the real Forbidden Door all along! Sting and Shinsuke Nakamura part of the same Muta retirement tour while working for AEW and WWE respectively. Can we expect WWE to continue being friendly?

Sami Zayn has taken over the pro wrestling zeitgeist with sheer talent. As the WWE shifts their plans to adjust for his popularity, what kind of pay off can we expect with this storyline?

The verdict is in! CM Punk is out and the Elite are back! We'll discuss the current attitude towards CM Punk backstage and whether or not he has any future left in professional wrestling.

As audiences continue to adorn MJF with warm responses, should AEW follow the current and shift his character? Or is a good ol fashioned swerve just what the doctor ordered?

Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Top Women Pro Wrestlers on the planet!!!