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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Nov 8, 2022

You're listening to the 99th episode of Dirt Sheet Radio!

Austin Theory's MITB opportunity is DOA as he cashed in on Seth Rollins US Title and loses. Who's baby did Theory step on?! Can he be considered buried? What does the future look like for Austin Theory?

Logan Paul impressed the world at Crown Jewel. Does he have a future as an actual WWE Superstar or can we consider this stint a done deal?

The DSR Gang Reviews WWE Crown Jewel

Nick Aldis has a major falling out with the NWA. To Jon's chagrin, this means we will have to talk about Nick Aldis.

AEW has seemingly cracked the code when it comes to crossing over pro wrestling with urban/rap culture. How can they capitalize?

MY WORLD! Jeff Jarrett is All Elite! What the hell?!

Colt Cabana returns to AEW TV in a very conspicuous position!