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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Sep 28, 2021

They say that rising tides raise all ships. Well the same must be true for rising quality because all of pro wrestling is on fire lately!!

Join Nick, Greg and Jon as the guys return to podcast duties following their vacation at AEW's historic Grand Slam event.

The guys will discuss this as well as:

Professional Wrestling vs Sports Entertainment. The heated online discourse leaks into DSR.

The first ever DSR Mock WWE Draft.

Extreme Rules comes a day late on RAW

Understanding that WWE was trying to protect Finn Balor at Extreme Rules while acknowledging they chose a stupid way to do it.

Grand Slam at Arthur Ashe. Strike out at the concession stands though. Greg and Jon relive the live AEW Grand Slam experience.

NYC entirely rejects Cody Rhodes

In defense of the Danielson/Omega finish....

The American Dragon returns. What those words actually mean.

And so much more!!