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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Jan 18, 2022

It's time for Dirt Sheet Radio!!

-After an argument with Vince McMahon derailed his WWE career Mustafa Ali has had enough and wants out! Will the WWE grant his freedom?!

-Cody Rhodes enters free agency WITH THE AEW TNT CHAMPIONSHIP! Is this an elaborate work or a massive (possibly stupid) show of trust?

-MLW is taking the fight directly to Stanford as they sue the WWE for tampering in their business. Does this little engine have a chance at climbing the legal mountain that is WWE?

-The WWE takes a very public swipe at the girls of AEW, calling the New Years Street Fight "self mutilation" that will scare away advertisers. Is this a show of hypocrisy or does the industry leader have a point?

-After the massive failure that was WWE 2K20, leaks show that WWE 2K22 is on the horizon. The gang reflects on their time playing wrestling games. As well as looking ahead to the future of pro wrestling video games.

-A huge weekend of independent wrestling has come and gone as Jonathan Gresham and Baron Black presented the first ever Terminus event. While GCW invaded the Mid-West on their way to the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC!!

-Jon Moxley returns to the ring this upcoming weekend. But NOT with AEW! Where does Moxley fit on AEW TV right now?

-Looking at the trajectory of the WWE's top Two Championships, Seth Rollins seems poised to be the person who finally takes the Universal Championship from Roman Reigns. Is WWE about to pull a switcheroo, moving their top titles around by way of shenanigans?

-Is Wardlow about to be AEW's biggest breakout babyface since Hangman Page?