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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Dec 29, 2022

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Dragon Lee shocks the world by signing with the WWE. How did TK let this one slip out from under him?!

Just when you thought he was out, CM Punk implies he's back in. Was Dax Harwood's plea enough for CM Punk and the Elite to shake hands and make some money off of their problems?

The Elite and Death Triangle have defied the odds and delivered 6 very different kinds of matches. With a six man ladder match and Wrestle Kingdom on the horizon, can they deliver in the big finale?

Roman Reigns vs the Rock is NOT locked in for Wrestlemania this close to the Royal Rumble. Is this cause for concern? We'll discuss WWE's plan B and how Cody Rhodes fits in to the plans.

MERCEDES TAKES OVER JAPAN!! Is AEW on the horizon for her as well? All signs seem to point to yes.

We're announcing the 2022 Dirt Sheet Radio Wrestler of the Year, Women's Wrestler of the Year and Match of the Year!