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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Feb 2, 2023

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Cody Rhodes is going to Wrestlemania! What twists and turns can we expect on his Rhode to the big show and was he ever really in danger of being overshadowed by the Bloodline story?

The Bloodline storyline has reached its highest peak yet as they finally beat down Sami Zayn in the heartbreaking turn we all anticipated. Is this the greatest storyline in WWE history? If not, can the ending take it there?

Rhea Ripley is headed to Wrestlemania to redeem her losses to Charlotte Flair! Can Charlotte remain the babyface in this or has Rhea become too popular?

Kota Ibushi is officially a free agent! But he's got some plans before he even considers coming to work for the big American promotions. What does the future look like for Ibushi?

The AEW House Shows are upon us! Is this a good idea for the company?

Darby Allin's great TNT Championship run has come to an end as Wardlow returns from injury to reclaim his Championship.