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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Nov 30, 2023

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CM Punk returns to the WWE and is immediately stress-tested as his big return promo is cut short for time. Is this an omen of things to come or is the CM Punk Homecoming extravaganza just getting started?

Saturday night was a dream for CM Punk fans but Monday Night was a stark...

Nov 23, 2023

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Is he the Devil? Is he Shinsuke's mystery opponent? Is he retired? CM Punk remains on the minds of wrestling fans but is it all false hope driven by click-hungry journalists?

Randy Orton is back... Probably! Cody hinted HEAVILY that Randy Orton will be the 5th member of the...

Nov 16, 2023

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After months of building the Don Callis Family vs Omega and Jericho, the Young Bucks are given a PPV match against the Golden Jets instead of Callis. Why? Because of money, that's why!

Who is the man behind the devil mask and who are his cohorts?!

The AEW G1 Clim-- Continental...

Nov 2, 2023

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Ibushi, Jericho and Big Show are part of the same tag team. What?! The question has been presented before, but it never had merit until now: is AEW overly relying on ex-WWE talent? 

Kenny Omega vs. MJF. It was an excellent match with less than three days of build. Was this match...