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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Apr 27, 2021

Dirt Sheet Radio returns!! Nick, Jon and Greg ate back together again and they have a HUGE Announcement regarding the FIRST EVER DSR Wrestler Spotlight Interview and who our first guest will be!!!!!!!!!!!

In addition to that, the guys will discuss in depth:

-Jon tries to understand how WWE could possibly allowed Monday Night Raw to creatively decay. 

-Kenny Thanos Omega.. IMPACT/AEW and why Jon doesn’t care about who's gaining what out of the partnership as long as he enjoys what he's watching.

-Marc Carano, the douchebag with a trashbag. 

-AEW Blood and Guts. We'll discuss the rules.. The fact that it's a one match show. What we expect or want out of it. 

-Shida vs Tay and how Tay Conti has grown into the wrestler we always knew she could be. 

-AEW cracking a million two weeks in a row and why the million live viewers is a goal post created by fans that never really mattered.